How to Improve Your Life’s Story Using Pixar’s Story Spine

According to Population Reference Bureau’s World Population Data, throughout Earth’s history, about 117 billion people have lived. The current world population is 7.8 billion. That means we have the possibility of 117 billion stories in our human family, with 7.8 billion stories being written right now.

There have been billions of people before. And there will be billions of people after.

And yet, how many will you encounter? Of those, how many will you remember? Probably an infinitesimally small fraction. And that begs the question of what makes these stories worth remembering. The truth is that we tend to remember the stories in which the main character takes heroic actions and makes difficult sacrifices to live a better story.

Pixar and Disney use a framework that breaks this down, creating compelling stories that we’re likely to remember for the rest of our lives. So what’s their formula for a great story? You can certainly use this framework to write down a story. But my challenge to you is to take stock of your life and jump in with two feet to live a better story and leave something substantial behind.

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Using the Story Spine to improve your life’s story.

Too often, we live our lives in the Beginning. We start with a once upon a time filled with big goals and ambitions! Then we establish a safe routine and habits filled with predictability. We are all creatures of habit. And when we create patterns that lean toward pleasure over pain, we soon fall into a comfortable life—a torture of another kind, shielding us from progress.

Now here’s the trap: We weren’t designed to settle for comfortable, were we? We are here to make a difference and use our talents to push outside our comfort zone—to discover what’s possible. One of my favorite quotes comes from Melaleuca products, which says, “Enhance the lives of those you touch by helping people reach their goals.” That’s an admirable motto. Making the choice to choose our own motto with intention is how we write ourselves as the heroes of our own stories.

Do you notice how every Pixar and Disney story gets more fun and entertaining when the event happens—when the main character breaks the routine? Or is forced out of it by circumstances unseen?

Find your event. Shake up your world and take a risk. It might just lead to an epic adventure.